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ready to scale™

Less Than $1M EBITDA Annually

Are you finding success but feel there is room for improvement? We will work with you over 6-18 months to position you to become sellable by removing all the risks that buyers look for to discount your final valuation.

  • You are still stuck in client work

  • Experiencing feast & famine sales

  • Unpredictable leads

  • No clear offer

  • Lacking key systems & processes

  • Team is heavily reliant on the owner

ready to sell™

Over $1M EBITDA Annually

If you are ready to sell we will work with you to make you more marketable, create the right materials to interest the right buyer, and position you to receive the most for your business and facilitate the fastest transition.

  • Owner is mostly doing sales

  • 3+ years of growth or steady revenue

  • More than 1 lead source

  • Proven and repeatable client results

  • Delivery process is mapped out

  • Key leadership in place

Our process works because it's focused on YOU.

Your vision. Your legacy. Your freedom.

The Scale-to-Sell™ Acquisition Model

Our goal is to ensure that all areas that affect your valuation are assessed and addressed prior to introducing you to a buyer. We take the time to understand you and what you want, whether it's a quick exit or "selling up" to realize your vision faster.

a history of successful outcomes

Real Results. Real Agencies.

agency founders helping agency founders

Our Team


After 22 years of experience in the marketing industry and having started, scaled, and sold his marketing agency, Geoff Skadra has been advising and consulting agency owners to transform their operations into highly-scalable and highly-profitable businesses, without them at the center. Using financial modeling, strategic planning, organized systems and operational analysis, he has created Focus First to help agency founders realize the lives they envisioned when they first ventured into their business.


Robert brings 30+ years of experience building service-oriented businesses, including building and selling/merging four of his own agencies, and also started and exited three e-commerce businesses.

As Focus First's Advisory Director, and over 10 years M&A experience, he advises private equity firms and business sellers on deal strategy, due diligence, and board advisory. He also assists agency clients with growth strategies, operations, and innovation culture building. His focus is on strategic and resourceful thinking, offers a success-oriented approach to selling or acquiring your business.

"Focus first on what matters most."

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